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Nine years ago, at the age of 65, Karl began writing.  As of the Fall of 2011 Karl has written and published eight full length books. Fiction with lots of twists and turns and surprises is Karl's forte. Sometimes he even surprises himself.

Several of his short stories have been published in the local newspaper, and are available for your pleasure by clicking on “Short Stories”.

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Karl's Latest Book

Terroristic SignsTerroristic Signs


Through a seemingly disconnected series of events, a young college student, Katie Atkins stumbles upon plans for a terrorist attack designed to kill thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent American citizens. Her source of information is so strange, her co-workers or friends won't listen, believe or assist her quest to prevent the disaster. Finally, with two other witnesses accompanying her, she decides to take matters into her own hands and go to the FBI. One of the plotters overhears her plans, so Katie and one of her friends are subsequently killed, but one escapes a cleverly designed "accidental" explosion orchestrated by a hired assassin named Claude Werner, who assumes incorrectly he has killed them all, so the terrorists continue with their diabolical plans. When Claude arrives to collect his payoff, he is ambushed, shot twice and left to drown in an abandoned quarry, but survives when a neighbor hears the shots, investigates and finds him in the water. After his recovery, Claude vows revenge on tl1e terrorist5. Knowing they are not constrained by moral or ethical law, he uses their own style of evil, shock, and fear to circumvent their organization and inflect his deadly retribution.

The trail of bodies he leaves behind, and the way they are taken out of action attracts the attention of FBI Agent Kris Hefner and local law enforcement officers in Sulfur Springs, CO, who join forces to solve not only those crin1es, but the mystery of why so many people connected with a nerve gas facility have been murdered in the past month.

In an out of the ordinary twist of conscience, Claude forms a friendship with police Sergeant Joe Francone and gives him updates on his progress. One of those whom Claude killed left behind a cryptic note in some sort of code, which may lead to the deadly device the terrorists plan to use. Now, although the concept has been discovered, the lawmen still do not know the location of the planned attack, date or time, or where the device is stored. In order to save their fellow citizens, tl1ey must decipher the true meaning of:
Bad, Man, Fell, X, Man, ls, Far, East, Man, Terror, Is, Nervous, Gas, Football, Fall, Hide, Three, Two, Fire, X, Cotton, Food, Bawl, Kill, President, Thousands.

Will they? Only time and the tantalizing tale contained within these two covers will tell. Enjoy!

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Award Winner for
"The Nearly Perfect Plan"


Member of the Military Writers Society of America

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