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At the age of 65, Karl Boyd began his writing career. During the last 14 years he has penned and published nine novels plus the children’s poem/book listed below.

Karl and his wife, Carol, both retired USAF Master Sergeants, have travelled extensively throughout all 50 states and visited more than 100 countries. The completed items on their bucket list are many, but since Carol recently was blinded by a rare form of eye cancer and has now developed Alzheimer’s, their travels have been severely curtailed. But neither has given up hope. There is always another adventure to discover or mountain to climb. After 58 years of marriage, their love remains as strong as on their wedding day.

While you are here, please take the time to visit Karl’s blog, Karl's Korner, for the most current information concerning new novels or any planned book signings.

Karl's Latest Books

Ralph, the Tallest ElfRalph, The Tallest Elf

Karl Boyd’s latest book is his first foray into poetry and/or children’s stories, and is a far cry from his usual genre of mystery, suspense and adventure. (A synopsis of each of his nine previous novels and his latest one that is due out in late 2015 is listed below.)


“Ralph, the Tallest Elf” is a tale of how Santa Claus magically made one of his elves taller than all the others so he could ease their burdens by reaching toys on the highest shelves. But when Ralph becomes the local bully due to his size and Santa learns the cold hard facts, he must take drastic action to remind Ralph and all the elves that a person (or elf), is not measured by height, but by character.

The 20 pages of poem contain many moral lessons for the youth of today, and are complimented by 20 whimsical and colorful illustrations created by Erica Missey and Alexis Ruiz.

The author hopes you will enjoy the poem/book so much it will become a holiday tradition to read to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in front of the Christmas tree.

The book sells for $19.95 + $1.80 tax + $3.25 shipping = $25.00

Order yours now by sending a check to:

Karl Boyd Productions,
PO Box 2096,
Rockport, TX 78381

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From China with LoveFrom China With Love

Synopsis of "From China with Love":

Due to poor planning and environmental damage in the past, the viable land for cultivation or crops in China has diminished to a point where it can no longer sustain its population. If China is to survive, it must have more land and resources, so the Chairman is faced with two solutions; either initiate WWIII by attacking nearby countries and thereby reducing China's population, (and theirs), through attrition, or find another more resourceful solution to his problem. Rather than ravish and possibly bankrupt his country, he looks to the West and North America, where land is readily available.

If somehow the population of those three countries, (Canada, the Unites States, and Mexico), can be quietly reduced to a point where they cannot retaliate, then a "New China" can be established to house and feed his people.

So he tasks his ministers to formulate such a plan. They do, and the devious results affect not only those he asked for, but everyone throughout the world.

"From China with Love" tells the story of this silent, sinister attack, how it succeeds and what happens during and afterward. The tale gives the reader an idea of what we may expect some day in the future if we do not find peaceful solutions to the problems of the world. The prologue says it all:

In the beginning, the Bible says God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

The history books of the future would record it took the Chinese one day less to conquer all of North America without, essentially, firing a shot. From that day forward, they never paused for a moment.

At one second after midnight on the west coast, or the first tick of the clock on a cold, late winter day, there were approximately three hundred million residents in the United States of America. An additional thirty-two million souls lived in Canada, while one hundred and nine million people resided in Mexico.

Five and one-half days later, at one second after noon, Eastern Time; and the corresponding times in the Central, Mountain and Pacific zones, plus those of the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, given the average natural deaths and births each day, the number of warm bodies numbered nearly the same.

The only difference was; nearly seventy-two percent were dead.

More than one survivor wondered what God thought about all of this, or if He even cared anymore.

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The Lost PriestThe Lost Priest

Synopsis of "The Lost Priest":

"The Lost Priest" contains two separate, yet conjoined books; "The Lost Soul" and "The Lost Spirit". Both have a wide variety of characters; family members, friends, lovers, wives and husbands of the Fitch family, known and respected throughout the 21 square miles of Bermuda.

The matriarchs, George and Pearl Fitch are both doctors of surgery and general practitioners. Their twin sons, Tom and Tim, (who are the main characters), are a travelling Priest and a general contractor from Texas, respectively, which seems an out of the ordinary combination until you learn their individual background and desires.

The initial adventure reported above is exciting enough; however, the journey is only beginning. When Tom is reported as missing, Tim follows him to Brazil, where with the aid of a helicopter pilot, a schoolteacher, a native guide, and an explosive expert, he attempts to rescue his brother. Yes, again; an odd combination, but that is the fascination of "The Lost Priest" – throughout each exploit, as each situation occurs, the novel joins several people of different backgrounds into one cohesive group with a common resolve; their salvation.

Combined with the remainder of the Fitch family, each of the above characters plus yet another diverse combination of a married couple from Germany, a nurse from Peoria, IL, a charter boat captain and his sweetheart, and the Islands' resident drunkard, together with a Bermudian Police Inspector has his/her/their venture to reveal for your enjoyment.

Their individual stories are woven together to form a masterpiece of mystery, suspense, deceit and love; while along the way heroes emerge from timid souls; cowards are revealed for who they are, and more than one person questions their faith or finds redemption in the strangest of places.

Atop all of this, each of their lives is collectively threatened by a common veracious enemy; a great white shark that makes the one in "Jaws" look like a minnow in comparison. Fate and determination to succeed combined with time and location decides which will live and those that will never again see the beauty of Bermuda, Brazil or the United States.

Reviewers claim: "The Lost Priest" is a romance novel masquerading as an adventure story.

Now, it is up to the individual reader to decide if they are correct, or if their comments should have been reversed. Either way, "The Lost Priest" is a novel you will remember and tell your friends to read. Enjoy!

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Terroristic SignsTerroristic Signs

A short synopsis of "Terroristic Signs":

After a mute biochemist at a nerve gas facility in Sulphur Springs, CO overhears terrorists planning an attack to kill the President of the United States and thousands of fans attending an annual sporting event, he is discovered, but attempts to escape by hiding in a nearby animal research laboratory. There, he meets Sadie, and before he is killed, leaves a coded message behind by signing it to her.

Although Sadie can't possibly know the significance of the words she memorized, she literally holds the fate of thousands in her hands and fingers - a code that can lead the FBI to the date, time, location and method of delivery of the stolen nerve gas.

But now, Sadie is missing from her cage. Who has her - and why?

Finding her, breaking the code, and quietly thwarting the terror attack before it can send shock waves throughout our homeland is a challenge a few local police officers, an FBI agent, and a crafty assassin turned vigilante must solve, or 9-11 will pale in comparison.

Prior to the conclusion of this suspense-laden tale, readers will discover there are many predatory and carnivorous animals living in this jungle we call the United States; and there are only a few hunters that are worthy of taking their measure and bringing them down.

God Bless America! Or will he?

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Coming Soon

The Nine Harrowing Days of Flight 942


First there is the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 with 239 passengers and crew disappearing without a trace and which to this day has not been found.

Now, two years later, another airplane is missing – Flight 942 from Shanghai to Beijing with 30 passengers and crew has supposedly crashed into the Yellow Sea. But again, after days of searching, no wreckage has been discovered.

Eventually the authorities realize instead of a disaster at sea, the plane may have been hijacked. But thus far no one has claimed responsibility, nor have any ransom demands been made. Where is the plane? If it was hijacked, who has it and what do they want in return?

The answer is yes, the plane was hijacked, but who is in control and what they desire is far different than any other previous aerial piracy.

Travel with twenty-four innocent victims from several countries aboard Flight 942 as they experience nine days of hardship, danger and intrigue in the far-off Gobi desert of Inner Mongolia. Through it all, they find courage, bravery and unexpected cunning among everyday ordinary people who use their brains and moxie to provide a very different ending to their captivity than the hijackers planned. They also discover, no, you don’t have to be a super-hero to defeat evil. All that is required are guts and determination to make it through nine harrowing days and survive. Could you?


Synopsis of “Palmyra, Isle of Death”:

A battle to the death between a Spanish pirate ship named “The Esperanza” (that was carrying a fortune of Inca gold), and another, (name and origin unknown), on September 16th, 1816, resulted in the attacker being sunk and left the Esperanza mortally wounded with her steerage gone.

The few survivors from both ships, (less than 50), finally fetched up on a small series of islets named Palmyra, that are located more than 1,000 miles S/SW of the Hawaiian chain. There the Esperanza sank and left the pirates and their intended victims stranded with a trove of plundered gold and jewels estimated to be worth more than one billion dollars in today’s economy.

After three fruitless years of awaiting rescue that never arrived, plus deaths of many from starvation, accidents or simmering resentment and the resulting knife-fights; the remaining 20 survivors managed to build two fragile sailing craft and attempted to reach either Hawaii or Australia. But before leaving Palmyra, they hid their booty where no one else would find it.

One craft disappeared without a trace, and the other was discovered hundreds of miles away, closer to Antarctica than its intended destination. There was only one survivor, but he died the next day without revealing where the treasure was hidden.

(All of the above is fact, not fiction, and the history of the Esperanza is well recorded; however, thus far, this fabulous fortune has never been recovered.)

Now enter Karl Boyd – who stumbled upon the saga of the Esperanza quite by accident while reading a book titled, “And the Sea Will Tell”, written by Vincent Bugliosi with the assistance of Bruce B. Henderson, (ISBN 0-8041-0917-6).

But, those few details were enough for him to study the annals pertaining to the Esperanza’s cache of wealth. Then he decided to embellish this chronicle of the past with his fast-paced fictional account of what occurred aboard those two ships and afterward; and add the present-day search for the hidden ancient Inca gold and precious artifacts.

The result is a great adventure/mystery/suspense story of two modern-day treasure hunters, Bill “Skeeter” Whitaker and Clete Palmer, who sail to Hawaii and Palmyra in search of the treasure of the Esperanza. However, their quest results in far more than they bargained for, when along they way they encounter murder, deceit, greed, unrequited love, madness and irrational revenge, all tied together with the unique sinister and mysterious nature of Palmyra.

The Nearly Perfect PlanThe Nearly Perfect Plan

Synopsis of “The Nearly Perfect Plan”:

Questions; there are always questions…

Have you seen a Brinks armored truck on a highway and wondered, “How many millions of dollars are inside?” At the same time did you think, “If I had that much money, I would be set for life,” but knew such a dream could never come true? What if one day you stumbled upon a foolproof plan to hijack a Brinks truck on the open highway and make it disappear in a matter of minutes? Plus, what if Brinks, the FBI and local law enforcement officials would never know what happened to the truck, the money, or the driver and guard? Wouldn’t that be “The Perfect Plan”? If so, would you or could you follow your dream? But wait! What if the opportunity arose where you could repeat that plan not once but twice? That’s right – why not hijack three Brinks armored vehicles with a combined payload of over thirty-four million dollars in two different states within a span of only ten days? Sound impossible?

Not if your plan is perfect, and this one truly is.

This is the premise of a fast-paced thriller that leaves you hungry to turn the next page and discover if the perfect plan is just that, or if fate, (fickle siren that she is), has a different idea.

When both she and this gang of thirty master thieves meet to battle for supremacy in a dark, dank garage on a ranch fifty miles north of Roswell, New Mexico, fate seems to have the upper hand and the perfect plan may soon become the “nearly” perfect one. But, sometimes “nearly” is close enough. As with one of our Presidents, it all depends on your individual interpretation of the word, “nearly”. Come along with Roger Booth and Carl James as they lead their band of Ex-Army buddies on the three greatest heists ever attempted. The road is bumpy but also filled with thrills, so buckle your seat belts and watch out for signposts of suspense, mystery, intrigue and cunning like you’ve never seen before along the highway of life.

The Cyrus CaperThe Cyrus Caper


After their initial foray into the big time when they robbed three Brinks armored vehicles and made off with $34 million dollars, fate stepped in and Roger and Carl were caught and sentenced to ten years in prison.

(See the first of the “Yes, we ‘con’” series: “The Nearly Perfect Flan”)

However, they managed to escape and fled to Reggio De Calabria, Italy, where they both eventually married their lovers and spent the next two years in hiding until the notoriety of the “Nearly Perfect Plan” subsided.  Then their wives, (Maria and Julie respectively), became bored and persuaded them to take a cruise, which turned into a vacation nightmare. 

Maria suggests they complain and ask for their money to be returned.  But Roger has other ideas.  Always the devious schemer and master architect when it comes to confidence games, and in an effort to make the cruise line pay in his own wily way , he formulates a plan to hijack the ship.  Once they have control of the vessel, their gang of 30 plus thieves will rob the casino, Purser’s office, jewelry boutique and all the passengers.

His line of attack is going well until the foursome travels to Spain to requisition a WWII submarine to complete their escape.  There they are photographed and identified by Interpol, who in turn notify the FBI that their two most wanted thieves are alive and well in Italy.

But to their surprise, instead of capturing and returning them to the USA for incarceration, the FBI sends their old nemesis, Agent Jake Polk, to meet with Roger and Carl and offer them a chance for redemption:  Complete the hijacking of the ship while at the same time find a way to entice a most wanted terrorist into joining them in the hopes of making off with three of the most prized possessions of the United States.

What follows are double-crosses, triple-crosses, and one of the most imaginative confidence schemes ever hatched and then brought to fruition.  Jake should have remembered; “With Roger and Carl, nothing is ever as it seems”.

Join in the fun, excitement and laughter as this pair of brilliant con men and their wives worm their way into your heart – but keep a tight grip on your billfolds and purses…

The Texas Two Card Hold ‘em HeistThe Texas Two Card Hold 'em Heist


Fresh off the cruise ship Cyrus of the Sea, where they robbed all the passengers and stole the money from the ship’s casino, Pursers Office and the jewelry boutique, Carl becomes enthralled with the Texas Two Card Hold ‘em phenomenon that is sweeping through Las Vegas.  When the grand prize rises in value to $20 million dollars, he and Roger decide stealing that much cold hard cash is worth the risk of returning to the USA, where they are still wanted for hijacking and stealing three Brinks armored vehicles and the $34 million dollars the trucks were hauling.  (See Parts 1 & 2 of the “Yes, we ‘con’” series – “The Nearly Perfect Plan” and “The Cyrus Caper”)

Come along with these two enterprising young con men and a group of interesting gang members as they pull off the slickest robbery in Las Vegas history.  Twenty million dollars in $100 bills is a hell of a stack of money, so how will they get away with that much cash?  As the cover says, “Now you see the money; how you don’t”.  It is a unique plan, yet at the same time, rather simple in nature; but can you figure it out?  No matter what you believe is happening, keep in mind that with Roger and Carl; nothing is as it seems.

As always in a Karl Boyd adventure, there are several “side stories” that keep your eyes and mind glued to the pages, waiting to see what happens next.  Each one will have you on the edge of your seat, yet bring a smile to your face at the conclusion.  “The Texas Two Card Hold ‘em Heist” is an adventure/suspense novel, but there is still time for a little fun and levity in the course of events.   

The Don’s Stimulus PackageThe Don's Stimulus Package


When one bright individual, Stuart “Stu” Turner and his rather inept Cousin, Derek Lee “Lefty” Hanley, decide to rob a bank, unknowingly and unwittingly, they choose one that is under the control of Don Giacomo.  It is also the same bank that is “laundering” the $20 million dollars Roger and Carl stole in Las Vegas.  When they discover the four white bags full of $100 bills, Stu and Lefty feel as if it is Manna from Heaven, when in reality it will make their lives a living hell.

But Mafia justice is swift and they are soon captured and brought before the Don to receive their punishment, which could mean death in a most unpleasant manner.
That is when Stu reveals his reason for robbing the bank was to bankroll the largest confidence scheme ever – bilking the US Government out of one Billion dollars.
After the Don hears the details of his plan, he decides to call Roger and Carl out of hiding in Switzerland to aid Stu and ensure his confidence game goes off without a hitch.

What follows is scheming and deception at its best, combined with a little skullduggery, bribery, greed, lies, plus ineptness personified and retribution as only the Mafia can manufacture.  There is also romance, thrills and some laughable but poignant  moments that turn the plan upside down and make winners out of every hardworking man and woman in the United States, while the Don, Stu and Roger and Carl find redemption can be more rewarding than the con.  (Or is it?)

As always, Karl Boyd keeps you entertained with his “side stories” and the added adventure each features.  There is one particular chapter with a near heart-stopping event that leaves you with a desire to leap ahead in the storyline to discover what really happened.  No, I won’t tell you what it is; you’ll have to get there by yourself by purchasing “The Don’s Stimulus Package”.  Enjoy!

What other information about the author and his family would I like to share?

My wife, Carol, and I are both retired Master Sergeants from the United States Air Force.  We have travelled to more than 100 countries, islands and possessions around this beautiful blue globe we call Earth.

We also are semi-famous for an entirely different reason than my writing.  In 2010, we won a nation-wide contest to determine who were the biggest fans of the best hamburger in Texas and nine other states – the “Whataburger”.  Since then we have visited all 737 Whataburger locations and become legends in the family-owned business.

The completed items on our bucket list are many and varied, but since Carol has gone blind from a rare form of eye cancer, and now has Alzheimer’s, our travels have been severely curtailed.  But neither of us has given up, there is always another adventure out there just waiting for us to enjoy.

Our motto? 

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.


Award Winner for
"The Nearly Perfect Plan"


Member of the Military Writers Society of America

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